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waist pain,

Remove waist pain in some ways at home

Remove waist pain is a very common problem. Both men and women suffer from this problem. In the beginning, this pain gradually increased but it gradually increased.

There are various reasons for waist pain. Some of the causes are weight gain, heavy lifting, pain in the waist, sitting for long hours or working out, regular driving, during pregnancy, menstrual periods, and sudden fracture to the bone or flesh for some reason. If you have waist pain, you usually eat painkillers.

Painkillers do not offer a lasting solution to this problem. It is possible to Remove waist pain at home. Let’s find out the ways.

Reduct waist pain

1.Ice bake

Ice temporarily reduces pain and swelling. Put a piece of ice in a towel and place it in the pan for 20 minutes. You can also bake at the waist with an ice bag. After 5 hours soak a towel in hot water and put it in place of pain. It reduces pain by increasing blood circulation. Keep it for 20 minutes. Do this practice a few times.

2.Reduce the amount of rest

Excess bed rest can cause waist pain. If you lie down for too long, the waist can be a pain. Get up from the bed and take a walk for a while during waist pain.

3.The posture changes

Many times there is a pain in the waist because of the posture of the chair. First sit the waist, then the chest and finally the shoulders and neck straight. Try to sit comfortably and comfortably in this posture. Make it a practice to work, read, and walk in the office this way

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Waist pain often occurs when the muscles of the back are pulled into the hamstrings. Again, if the hamstring is too tight, it can cause pain in the waist. Regular hamstring exercises reduce the risk of waist pain considerably. Exercise hamstring twice a day, if possible

5.Use of painkillers

Painful cream or ointment massage is much more effective than eating painkillers. Use painkillers or sprays to relieve waist pain. This will reduce the pain faster.

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