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Hiv1 and Hiv2 Symptoms

Life has stopped at an early age; some are still in their teens. They also wanted to live in society. The deadly disease has killed them. The superstitious society has made all these patients in one room. Because they are infected with HIV Rash. So they are unclean. To overcome all these superstitions and to raise public awareness against disease, December 7 is celebrated every year as ‘World AIDS Day’. The World Health Organization advocates for this disease. This day has been celebrated since the 5th year. But, in fact, people are becoming aware of the disease. This is the biggest question that stands out today.


According to a UN survey of 20 AIDS countries, 1.3 million people in the world are infected with HIV Rash. About 3 people died. Newly, the number of victims is 1.3 million. However, UN AIDS plans to reduce these levels have not stopped.


What is HIV or AIDS?

HIV Rash or AIDS is a type of HIV virus called the human immunodeficiency virus. AIDS is Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome which is infected with this HIV virus. People affected by this disease are called HIV-positive (HIV +). The main function of this virus is to neutralize the immune system of the human body. The virus slowly destroys all organs and systems in the body and helps to reproduce all diseases in the body.


The cause of the disease

 Day by day this disease is pandemic. The disease originates only for sexual intercourse through daily activities and activities, even breathing, eating at the same time, and not just sexual intercourse. Also, the disease appears for a variety of reasons. Such as –


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1) The virus can be transmitted through free and illegal sexual intercourse and other unusual sexual acts. 

2) Sexually transmitted HIV / AIDS is entered into sexual intercourse with someone who is infected. 

3) The virus enters the body of the infected baby from the infected mother through breastfeeding.

4) Drug addiction has become a major problem at present. As a result, many people take the drug at the same time through the same syringe during drug addiction. 

5) If the blood of a person infected with this disease enters the body of a healthy person, then you may be infected.

 6) Injection syringes that enter the body of an HIV-infected person.

 7) The virus can spread from saliva and juice emitted from the wounds and body wounds of HIV-infected people.


Symptoms of the disease

 1) Fever, fever persists for 7 days or more. 

2) Lesions on the tongue, lips, throat, and genitals. 

3) Physical weakness.

 4) Feeling of pain in the mouth and throat while eating something.

 5) Dry cough persists.

 6) Night sweats appear throughout the body.

 7) Swelling of the lymph node or lymph gland in the body. 

8) Diarrhea continues. 

9) Loss of body weight. 

10) Gradual body organs slowly disappear.



Diagnosis is based on symptoms and through HIV blood tests. The level of infection is then determined by various tests.




The death of an AIDS person is usually inevitable. Because there is no proper treatment for it. However, there are some medications that help temporarily heal the person affected.

1) Consult a doctor and get proper treatment.

 2) Get help with ART for advanced medical procedures. 

3) Do not let the infected patient stay in one room and keep on the mind. 

4) Timely medicine, water, and healthy food should be eaten. 

5) HIV infected people should be encouraged to work without depriving them of their daily activities.


Ways to prevent


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1) Increase awareness of this disease among the common people. 

2) Condoms should be used during physical intercourse. 

3) Proper diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases are very important. Consult a doctor in any sexually transmitted disease. 

4) Use a syringe only once when giving or taking blood or during the injection. 

5) Do a blood test before marriage. 

6) The mother should be tested for HIV during the first stage of pregnancy

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